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The impulse behind the label is to share a diverse range of music, with a hope that some of the experiences may give enjoyment, healing, uplift or stimulation.  The provenance is from musicians and friends that I have worked or played with or that have come into the range of my network, as well as my own material with a community rather than commercially-minded world view. 

Most but not all of the people involved have a spiritual, philosophical, ecological or healing based background or intent, and the catalogue will be eclectic and diverse, ranging from Jazz, World Music inspired, Free improv and Sound Healing approaches.  I am not a great fan of restrictive labels, but at least this gives you  some signposting information.  If you are curious, open and eclectic in your tastes, then hopefully there may be something good here for you to bring into your life! 

We are developing the site so there is more to add as we go along, but the journey begins with one step and all that! 

There will be some info about me, my muso partners, our histories and links to take you further, and a place where you can listen to free downloads, and purchase things you want more permanently in your life via the shop place. 

After a lifetime of being involved in sound and music , at my ripe old age, I am now looking forward to sharing my story and the various music projects along the way.

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Keeping in touch....

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