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This will is a double CD/ 2 volume downloadable collection of songs, poems and chants and instrumentals concocted, composed and evolved over 45 or more years and ready for ordering



 Each track will have an interlinking piece of music so it will be like a weaving between songs to forma continuous flow of sound and music.


Our lives run in cycles, but more particularly in moments.  This is a collection of stories, poems, instrumentals, experiences that signaled little moments in a life.  They are not extraordinary, but I have found them meaningful.  One could say they are fragments of feelings. hints of experiences that make little snapshots of a life. They are moments in time with various fellow musicians who have been in my life for a while then their paths have taken them elsewhere, there are musicians in my life right now that I am proud to play with that have helped the process to birth.  Many technical people have drifted in and out of the scenario.  The material has been captured on different formats over the years using different equipment and softwares that later became ancient history, This has caused all sorts of challenges, but they have all been part of this long but very rewarding journey.   What you will have in your life, dear listener is a humble offering from me and my muso friends, which I hope gives you pleasurable or maybe even meaningful moments in time for yourself.  If it succeeds in that in just a small way, then for me all the time and energy that has gone into this project will have been worthwhile!




I saw a biopic of the great Jazz Pianist and composer Herbie Hancock and in it he said

“Improvisation is about being in the moment, Jazz is about being in the spirit of the moment” 

I couldn’t think of a better way to end this introduction!