1. Changing Waves

From the recording MOMENTS IN TIME

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Alan Wakeman -Alto and Baritone Saxophones
Linda Angelis-
Backing Vocals
DB- Lead / Backing Vocals/ Keys/ Bass Clarinet/ Soprano Sax/Congas/ Percussion
I wrote this after the Tsunami and the terrible loss of life and tragedy it brought to so many people.

Everything in our five senses world changes, and maybe we just have to flow with them however deep and life disrupting they may be. Trying not to take anything for granted and finding a centred place- the still eye in the middle of the storm.


Transition... tra-aa-aa-aansition!
In the Moment, In the Groove
Glide through time let transition be smooth!
Many rush through scenes in the Play of their Lives Skipping their lines
Ignoring the Wife!-Leaving unsaid the words that could heal -Avoiding the Face that portrays how they feel
Is that you or is that me?Eyes wide open, but we fail to see-Where we are going or where we have been-With Halos of Glory
or Wages of Sin!
If you miss the Now It was never there-By looking ahead you may fall downstairs
Looking Behind so hard to move on
Lets stay with each step-Get joined up and strong
We never know whats truly ahead
Your Life can just change Things no longer the same-Lets treasure our blessings and learn from what ain’t
Channel our critic-Show some restraint!
When you see so much tragedy at Home and Abroad It’s hard to stay centred
Keep our feet on the floor
What to do with our feelings What to do with our rage-Well Stay in the Moment its Peace we should wage- Aging and Saging
It’s good for the Soul But it just doesn’t come when you’re out for a stroll-A Wave so powerfully- from Currents so Deep
Creation, Destruction
Our Earth Does not Sleep