From the recording MOMENTS IN TIME

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Jonathon X. Coudrille - Spanish Guitars
DB - Lead and Backing Voices/Keys/Drum Kit, Castanets, percussion
Nature- Night Insects from South India
From a melody and chords and poem Spring 1974. Just coming out of Hermit /Celibate Phase in my life as a Yoga Teacher, post 60s drugs, musician scene. Started writing poetry more and finding them turning into songs. So this was the first, inspired by a lovely tune by an old musical compadre Roger Bunn, who I met in Afghanistan and back in the UK played with. It echos a philosophy I tried to embody in the 60s and ever since.
It maybe also echoes nostalgia for the zeitgeist of the 60s and the idealism and sometimes naivity that was then.
I added more to it in 2005/6 developed the concept to keep the flame alive- not to lose it in the sea of negativity, blame and mediocrity that can at times overwhelm our society, when there is so much good going on as well!


Flame..... the heart of Love is burning
Remember who you are
Be alive to learning
Laws...which beautify the Cosmos
Drop your social games just be
Please be patient you will see
Truth... a universe within you
If we live unselfishly
Humanity, with crazy kicks or Sanity
Flame... the earths alive and turning
Deeper down we’re all the same-
Paradox and yearning
Tones... like colours in a rainbow
all our tribes and groups enhance
With their voices and their dance
Flame.. The Earth’s our home for sharing
Chaos, Beauty and the Beast
If Bread’s our food , then Earth’s the yeast
It makes us rise, It makes us rise, It makes us rise
‘Spose we just accept the difference between ourselves and all the rest-
No-one then would need be best!